What to know about Tanzania

General information

Tanzania is a state in East Africa. It is located on the Indian Ocean,

It borders Kenya and Uganda in the north, Rwanda, Burundi and the DR Congo in the west and Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique in the south.

Tanzania has the largest water surface in Africa.



Language: Swahili (national language), English

Capital: Dodoma

Seat of Government: Dar es Salaam (largest city)

Area: 945,087 sq km

Population: 53,470,420 (as of 2015)

Population density: 52 inhabitants per km²

Currency: Tanzanian Shilling (TZS)

Religion: approximately 45% Christians, 35% Muslims, 20% followers of traditional religions



Tanzania is a multinational state with more than 130 ethnic groups, which are predominantly associated with the Bantu people group.

The largest Bantu groups in the country (according to the number of members) are 12% Sukuma, 9% Nyamwezi, 8% Hehe / Bena, 7% Haya and 6% Swahili on the coast. The most popular and known ethnic group, the Maasai, contribute to about 3% of the population.

Furthermore, Arabs, Pakistanis, Indians and Europeans live there.

Travel info Tanzania

Peak tourist season is from September to March (the warmest months) and June to August (winter/cooler months with very pleasant temperatures - for those who don´t enjoy the heat so much).The main rainy season is from mid-March to late May. There can be torrential rain during this time. The small rainy season is usually in November.

This time is the low season, when it is often possible to get a little more favorable conditions for accommodation in the lodges.But it is also a bit of risk to travel during this time, because it may be that not all paths and roads are passable or that you suddenly get stuck. There may be short-term changes in the route.


Do not show off with jewelry or money. Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in Africa and for this reason one should keep a low profile.

Photographing of state institutions such as administrative buildings, police, military, etc. is prohibited. Take pictures of people only when you've asked them. Most people agree, possibly for a small fee. Accept it, however, if they reject.


Always bring a hat and sunscreen on safari and also for the beach with you (SPF 50+ is recommended), as the sun is very intense. Remember, you are near the equator.


Never drink water from the tap!


For information on visas, vaccinations, currency, customs regulations, recommended insurance... please contact the Tanzanian Embassy in Berlin, the German Embassy or Foreign Ministry in Dar es Salaam or reference addresses of your respective home country.

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